Sustainable Marketing Platform

Sustainable Marketing Platform

We are Zen-Tree,
a sustainable marketing platform

This is what we do :
we spend 100% of our time on the sales and purchase process or connecting with your customers.

We research and develop projects, we provide sales and sourcing solutions.
We focus on your business niche and integrate the latest web technologies to provide a quick return for your business.

“We speak English, Spanish, German and French and in a dynamic context, we are able to give clear information to our clients” (Jean-Philippe Petigura, Digital Marketing)... “Lo que nos interesa es de mantener la dinámica y la interactividad en nuestra relación de trabajo con los clientes” (Olivier Pech, Project Development and Sales and Purchase)

Contact us

Digital Marketing

Jean-Philippe Petigura

Paseo de Gracia 77, 6th. floor
08008 Barcelona, Spain

Phone (+34) 644 34 19 76

E-mail jp@zen-tree.com

Project Development / Sales and Sourcing

Olivier Pech

Santiago, Chile / Toulouse, France

Chile (+56) 9 64 45 48 21

France (+33) 6 79 48 64 85

E-mail olivier@zen-tree.com

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